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17 A P R I L 🤩 S A V E I T ▫️Will we see you there??? V E N U E ▫️Centurion ▫️We are so excited!!! If you've been to one of our events you will know to save this date 👒📿💄 And if you haven't been to one yet, then it would be lovely to have you 🎈🎉🎀 ▫️ W H A T ? ? @madeleencurnick and her fashion brand @iwantbytrendity and @zetskevpletzen and her fashion brand @halo_by_zetske will be hosting another ladies event. It is all about spending time with friends whilst shopping, sipping wine and digging through your awesome goodybag. ▫️17 April 2021 T W O ▫️E V E N T S to choose from Morning = Goodybag, breakfast snacks, tea and champagne Evening = Goodybag, dinner snacks, wine, gin, coffee and an 'old school' garden fashion show ▫️ T I C K E T S ▫️ are not available yet. We will post as soon as you can buy your e-ticket ▫️ #ladiesnight #savethedate #shoppertunity #gardenfashionshow #iwant #iwantevent #iwantladiesnight #iwanttogo #supportlocal #localcolab #colabsa #supporteachother #momtrepreneurs #safashion

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